Book Review: Bread Winner, Bread Baker by Sandy Elsberg

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Bread Winner, Bread Baker
by Sandy Elsberg
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

This book is another gift from my sister (and upline.)
  Although I understood how multi-level marketing companies worked before I read this book, it helped me see MLM's a little differently.

Most people look at MLM companies as a hobby (mostly for women); a way to make a supplemental income.  This book focuses on looking at MLM's as an opportunity to create a customer base, a team to mentor and a way to earn a full-time paycheck.

I believe the author's approach of looking at an MLM as a way to help others is great, but what you must keep in mind is that not all people will want to work their business in the same way as you may work yours.  You can teach others to the best of your ability, but it is up to the individuals to decide how much work, time and effort they put forth.

What I did not appreciate about this book was how 'easy' the author makes it sound to acquire customers and team members.  No matter what MLM company you are with, I believe it takes a lot of time, dedication, persistence and sacrifice to truly make wages that you can live off of.  This is why I believe most who are in MLM's do it as a part-time gig because they already have a full-time job and do not have the aforementioned time to make full-time wages.

On the positive side, the author shows how when a mentor takes the time to train a new MLM representative how this helps the company, the leader and the new representative.  It also shows the new team member how to teach anyone that they welcome into the company.  Focusing on learning about the company's products, finding customers, learning business practices and teaching how to be an all-around good business person is essential to making things come together as well.

I recommend this book for anyone who does not understand how MLM companies work or anyone thinking about joining one.   Most importantly, this book shows an inside view of how what comes of your business is solely up to you and the effort the individual puts forth into being successful.  Most of the outcome in this type of business is on the shoulders of the representative.  Being responsible for outcomes, whether good or bad.

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