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I'm Elle, creator of All Around The Circle.
When I was brainstorming for a blog name I thought about 
what my life was like at the time.
My oldest daughter Em was about to turn 9 years old 
and my youngest daughter Kaye had just turned 3 years old.
I'd been married to Jay for 11 years and time just kept passing by.
Slowly.  Some days were fun, joyful and awesome.
Other days were dull, boring, stressful and repetitive.
Yes!  That was the word I wanted to convey to my readers.
I kept thinking of a clock and the words 'all around'.
All Around The Clock didn't sound appealing to me,
so I thought of the clock's shape and used circle instead.  
My blog name was born!  All Around The Circle (of my life.)
That is what my blog is about.
One thing you need to know about my blog is that I do not use my family's real names and I very rarely post photos of myself or my family members.  I'm not sure if this will change as the blog progresses, but it shouldn't matter much because everything I write about is in regards to our life.  Real life.

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The first two and a half years of the blog I didn't post much.  
There was just too much going on outside of my internet life.  
In 2012 I began posting reviews of the books I read and 2013 a bit more of 'me' started showing through in the blog.
With more knowledge and more experience I think I can make this blog into something different and I hope you'll stick around to see it happen.

All Around The Circle

~About Elle~

~ Stay-At-Home Mom since 2002, with a stint as WAHM for a brief period
~Associates Degree in Travel & Tourism, but haven't been on a plane since my honeymoon in 1998!
~Book, TV, Music, Craft, and Animal Lover
~Taxi Driver for my daughters, bill handler, housekeeper, nursemaid for the family, tutor/educator, wife and Mom
~Not a seasoned cook (going to work on this!)

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2018 Reading Challenge
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