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******I currently am NOT accepting books to be reviewed******       

I'm very busy with limited reading time. 
I review books as time permits. I usually do not guarantee a review post date, but try to get newer books read and reviewed before their release date. This isn't always possible, but I do the best I can.

The main genres of books I read are women's fiction, contemporary romance, self-help, biographies and I'm just beginning to read cozy mysteries.  I do not read erotica, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, thrillers, overtly religious, or historical romances.

I hope my 13 year old daughter will be contributing book reviews soon.  She loves to read as well.
She is into contemporary tween novels, but not so much fantasy or romance.  I'm sure over time she will find her favorite genre.  Young Adult novels are welcome for her, as long as the content is age-appropriate. 

I accept ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) and self-published books, but generally I write reviews of books I've thoroughly enjoyed.  Most reviews on my blog are positive, as I have a difficult time reviewing a book that is very poorly edited, isn't written well or is just not of interest to me.  

I cannot promise that I will accept every review request I receive, however I will respond whether I accept or deny the request.

I prefer e-books in .mobi format over physical books.
I currently have accounts on NetGalley and Edelweiss.

My reviews are cross-posted to GoodReads, BookLikes, Anobii, Shelfari and Amazon. Most books I review have been purchased, borrowed or received in exchange for an honest review.
Unless otherwise stated, my  reviews are written by me and are protected by DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act.)
I ask that you do not copy or redistribute my works without contacting me.  However, I do encourage you to share the links to the reviews on my blog.

I try not to include spoilers in my posts, but if something needs to be disclosed in a review I will leave a large amount of space with the words ****SPOILER ALERT**** so as not to ruin it for those not wanting a spoiler.

******I currently am NOT accepting
 books to be reviewed******  


I reserve the right to change the policies listed above, as these are my current guidelines and may need tweaking in the future.

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2019 Reading Challenge
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