Dislocated & Broken Bone

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Well, no 'virtual me' post today.  So much for the relaxing evening I hoped for on Thursday night.  Kaye, my 5 year old daughter, fell off her bike Thursday evening and  dislocated her arm and broke it in two places.  We were at the E.R. from 7pm Thursday, until 2:30am Friday.  They sedated her twice using a drug called ketamine, which made her glassy-eyed and was very scary for me.  They used this sedative because they need to try to get her bone back in place.  They took soooooo many x-rays (about 16 at the E.R.).  We went to a hand specialist on Friday afternoon because the orthopedic doctor from the E.R. was concerned about the bone lining up properly, as well as the nerve that runs to the fingers; she wasn't having a lot of movement in her hand.  So Friday they did some more x-rays and the x-ray technician was very concerned about how much radiation she had been exposed to.  I was not happy to say the least and am also concerned about how many of these x-rays are actually going to be covered on my insurance.  They did not put a regular cast on her because they want to do another x-ray this Thursday at her visit and see what it reveals.  She is on Motrin and Tylenol with codeine which are taken alternately throughout the day.  Her pain definitely seems to have lessened, which makes me very happy.
I have had a very unrestful three days.  I did not sleep much Thursday night, caught up on some sleep Friday night, had to get up early Saturday morning to take Em for blood work that her pediatrician requested from her nine year well visit, and then last night, Saturday, Kaye feel asleep before dinner and then woke up around 11pm and would not go back to sleep.  I am so hoping for a near normal nights sleep tonight.
So, not the post I was hoping to share, but I wanted to let everyone know this is what has happened and that I hope I will be able to focus on some fun posts in the near future.  Thanks for your understanding!

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