Boss Up! : This Ain't Your Mama's Business Book

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I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Lindsey Teague Moreno's book 

This book is meant for 'momtrepreneurs'' but can also be of assistance for anyone starting a small business.  Lindsey shares from her experiences in her current home-based business, as well as previous businesses.  She invites the reader to dig deep into what 'your thing' is and to start from there.  Most importantly she advises you to be your authentic self, which I am in total agreement with.  Who wants to see cookie-cutter when you're in business?  She shares her success philosophy, tips for social media marketing and other pertinent topics for anyone who's their own boss.

Lindsey's voice in this book is like she's talking to a girlfriend at a local coffee shop.  She is real, to the point and gives the information to you straightforward.  This book was a quick, enjoyable read and I highlighted many nuggets of wisdom throughout the book.  I wish I could share more about the book here, but since it hasn't been released yet I don't want to include any 'spoilers.'  
You won't be disappointed!!!

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