Book Review: The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans

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4 out of 5 stars

"Whatever the reason, I find that with each passing Christmas the story of the Christmas Box is told less and needed more.  So I record it now for all future generations to accept or dismiss as seems them good.  As for me, I believe.  
And it is, after all, my story."

I usually read at least one Christmas book before the holidays. This year was the first year in a very long time that I had no desire to read, let alone it be a holiday book. 

I found 'The Christmas Box' by Richard Paul Evans at my local library's book sale three weeks before Christmas.  It is a small and short read with just 125 pages with a simple cover.  So why didn't I pick it up and read it? 
No Christmas spirit.  
This was the third most difficult Christmas of my life; the first being 2001 when I had miscarried a baby exactly one week before Christmas.  ( I still have a difficult time singing 'Away In A Manger' without crying.)  The second being the year my husband and I had just gone through some major issues in our marriage.  And this year, well, I really just don't want to talk about any of it. 

So last night, December 28, 2017, I decided at 11:30pm that I was going to read this book.  The writing flowed, the story was interesting and kept you focused on what would happen next.  I read the back cover at the book sale, but really had no idea what the story was about when I picked the book up last night to read it.  

It is a Christian book with a CHRISTmas message, but it definitely is not one of those religious-in-your-face type books.  
Anyone would enjoy this book's message. 

Since it is such a short read and I don't want to give away too much of the story and its plot, I will just say a few words about some take-aways and reminders I had from this simply beautifully written short story. 

Make time for people.  Especially children.
Keep your word.  Don't disappoint them.....they don't forget
and have difficutly forgiving sometimes.
The love of a parent is important.  
The time you put in is NEVER time wasted.  
And last, but certainly not least, 
broken hearts are very difficult to heal.

There is a pre-quel called 'The Timepiece'
which I will probably read next Christmas
(or maybe sooner!)


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