Book Review: Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand

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                                              Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

This was not a 'planned' read for me because this past year I really haven't had much time to read like I have in the past.  When I learned at Thanksgiving that Elin Hilderbrand would be doing a talk at my local library for her third installment of her Winter Street series, I just had to go, even though I have met this author once before. 

The talk was on Saturday December 10th at 2pm and I purchased Winter Street at the talk because I did not want to start with the third book in the series.  Elin began the talk with a bit of background from the 1st and 2nd books (yes, I heard some spoilers, but not enough for it to ruin anything in the series for me) and then she read an excerpt from Winter Storms, the third book in the series. 
She told us she is working on the fourth book in this series called Winter Solstice and that it will tie together characters from other books she has done.  I have a feeling this one will probably be my favorite of this series!!!! 

Elin then took  some questions from the audience.  
Someone wanted to know if her characters are based on people in her real life.  She said some are a compilation of people she knows, but not enough for people to know who she is referring to.
So no, only she truly knows who a character is based on.

The characters of this series are as follows:

Kelley Quinn - patriarch of the family and operator of the Winter Street Inn
Mitzi Quinn- Kelley's second wife
George- the Inn's Santa Claus who Mitzi has been having an affair with
Margaret Quinn- Kelley's first wife and famous news anchor

                          Kelley and Margaret's adult children:

Patrick Quinn- eldest son who is dealing with being an inside trader within his company

Kevin Quinn- bartender and in a secret relationship with the inn's housekeeper

Ava Quinn- school teacher hoping her long-time boyfriend proposes this Christmas

                            Kelley & Mitzi's son:

Bart Quinn-the youngest Quinn who is stationed in Afghanistan

The book's chapters are by character, so you get the point of view on the specific character's feelings and viewpoint.  Regardless of the dysfunction going on within the Quinn family, the story finally gets its 'Christmas-feel' towards the end of the book.  I will be reading the rest of this series as time permits, so look for those reviews in the future.

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