Book Review: A View From The Top (Various Authors)

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

A View From The Top is a compilation of top selling Avon Representative stories revealing how they achieved their success.  The various representatives offer their views on how they became successful in the Avon direct marketing business and offer their strategies on how you can become successful as well.

The reason I decided to read this book is because an online friend is an Avon Representative.  She asked me to help her promote her Avon business through my blog and in return she will help me monetarily so I can afford to do more things with my blog in the future.  This is in the early stages and we are slowly making progress working together.

The stories in this book are truly inspiring.
There are many women who came from dire situations, with no prior selling or marketing experience, who have built an incredibly large customer base as well as trained and mentored hundreds upon hundreds of  Avon Representatives.

One thing that I have taken away from this book is that there's not just one way to be successful.  What works for one person may not work for another.  This makes sense since every individual has their strong and weak points.  That does not mean an individual cannot focus on one of their weaker qualities and become better at it.  Life is one continuous learning process.

Another recurring theme throughout this book is that none of these women gave up.  Even when they may have lost their leadership title, their team or customer numbers diminished or something in their life threw them for a loop, they stuck with their business.  They did not throw in the towel.  Determination.

They also all took action in their lives.  They believed in themselves.  Even sometimes when it was difficult to believe, they kept pushing through.  It's amazing what these women have done with something I always thought to be 'just a hobby' and not a real job.  But if you read this book, you will see that you can make a real career out of being an Avon Representative.  I was quite surprised!  That's not to say that doing it as a hobby,part-time, as supplemental income isn't a great idea either.....because it is!  You can make your own schedule and fir it into your life.  Flexibility is a wonderful thing!

If you or someone you know is looking for a home-based earnings opportunity, this could be the start of something substantial.  And unlike many other direct selling companies it does not cost much to start!  Currently it is just $15!!!!!
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