Book Review: What A Girl Needs From Her Mom by Cheri Fuller

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What A Girl Needs From Her Mom is a Christian Parenting book by Cheri Fuller.  I was given this book as an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley.

I started to read this book in November 2015 and did not finish it until May 2016.  Sometimes this happens with non-fiction books I read just because I may not be in the mood to read non-fiction.  This time however, it was just because I truly didn't have time to fit reading into my busy schedule.

Although this is a Christian book, the values, insights and relatability the author shows through real life stories with mother's and their daughters are invaluable to anyone raising a daughter in today's world.

From the 'degree of digital overload in our lives and families,' internet safety, helicopter parenting, knowing when to back off and give our daughters their space and relational bullying (this is an escalating problem and has affected both of my own daughters!) there are many relevant topics and a supply of great advice packed into this book.  The author also provides names of other books to read for more insight into problems affecting young girls today.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are:

"It's our job to get to know and understand our children, not the other way around."

"The years between sixteen and twenty-six are especially crucial because our girls make decisions that will impact the span of their whole lives, like the friends she'll hang out with, what college major and career she chooses, perhaps choosing a husband, or deciding whether to follow the faith she was raised in ot to throw it away."

"The last dimension of the parent's role is teaching morality as part of a larger world view-a spiritual heritage that offers a vision of the purpose of human existence, ultimate reasons for leading a moral life, and traditions and rituals that weave the vision into the fabric of family living-and our own children's lives.  Though it is a challenging mission, it is a key part of our role"
-Dr. Thomas Lickona

"Remember that your words are important, but they can only go so far.  So much of the work of passing on a legacy of faith takes place when we model it ourselves and believe in our children." - Jim Burns

"Perhaps parents would enjoy their children more if they stopped to realize that the film of childhood can never be run through for a second showing."
 - Evelyn Nown

I recommend this book to mother's of girls, grandmothers, teachers, social workers, guidance counselors and anyone wanting to know more about the struggles this generation of young girls faces.  Very well written with some things I felt I already knew, but was worded in such a way that I would like revisit when dealing with a particular struggle or for reassurance that I am doing the right thing with raising my daughters.

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