Book Review: The Summer's End by Mary Alice Monroe

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The Summer's End is the third book in Mary Alice Monroe's LowCountry Summer trilogy.  You can see my reviews of the first two books in this series here: 

Book 1: The Summer Girls
Book 2: The Summer Wind

The final book in this series focuses on Harper, the sister that has had it the easiest monetarily, but not emotionally.  Harper's mother is detached, impersonal, controlling and has never been supportive of Harper's desire to be a writer.  

The storyline of this book prepares the sisters and their Mamaw for the sale of their family beach home, Sea Breeze.  Harper hires a local company to update the kitchen, but little does she know that the son of the company she is using is home to visit and just happens to be Taylor McClellan, the man her sister Carson and nephew Nate met at the Dolphin Rescue Center in Florida.  Harper works on getting the garden in shape on the property as well as secretly writing a book during her last summer at Sea Breeze.

Harper's sister Dora has decided to send her son Nate, who has Asperger's, to a specialized school.  Dora decides to get a job and continues to enjoy the company of her boyfriend Devlin.

Carson is pregnant and not sure of what to do.  She is pushing the baby's father Blake away and is scared of where she will live and what she will do next.

As in the first two books, this one also focuses nicely on each sister's struggles and triumphs.  There are a few surprises towards the end of the book and I can't help but want a pre-quel to this trilogy explaining Marietta Muir (Mamaw) and Granny James' life when they were younger women because I feel they both have secrets that need to be told!

If you are looking for a great beach read, I highly recommend this trilogy!

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