Welcome Spring???

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It has been such a cold and snowy winter here in Northeastern Pennsylvania that it shouldn't be surprising that on the 1st day of Spring we get around
 6 inches of the white stuff.

My daughters were dismissed from school two hours early and the roads were terrible.  When we got home they both had a snack and then I told them they needed to use their time wisely.  They both have school projects due in the near future and I told them that if they used their extra time today they would have some extra time to do something fun this weekend.

  Kaye wanted to sign up for the school science fair and is doing her report on Koala Bears.  Em has a book report which includes a diorama depicting a scene from her book.  This is due on Monday.  Em also has a Rube Goldberg report for science and is working on a machine that performs an operation.  She will record and then e-mail this her teacher for extra credit.

This morning I did three loads of laundry and started to
 'Spring Clean' our back room in the basement.  
This consists of going through paperbacks I want to find new homes for, organizing scrapbooking supplies I haven't touches in forever and switching out wardrobes (put away winter and get out spring clothes.)

I finally took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations and decided to go up in the attic to get some Easter decorations down.  Very weird to be putting up Spring decor when it looks like we're in the middle of winter outside!  (I'm secretly hoping that by doing this I'm keeping away any future snow in our future.)

I also made some new blog friends today on a few
FanPage Friday Parties and entered my blog into

There are a lot of upcoming events for Em.
She'll be in her school district's All City Middle School Choral Concert, PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators) orchestra concert (which she was nominated for), her middle school's orchestra & jazz band concert and finally her middle school's Spring orchestra concert.  She'll also be going on an end of year band trip to Great Adventure, an indoor water park and an aquarium!  She has a few Girl Scout activities lined up as well.  She'll be camping out at a local amusement park and then spending the following day riding the rides.  She's also going on a hiking trip along a river and there are a few more trips her Girl Scout leader has planned I'm sure.  I do not remember being this busy when I was a 6th grader, that's for sure!

Of course all of these activities keep me (Mom) busy as well.  Early morning practices, a few Saturday morning practices here and there this month, along with fitting in the normal day-to-day errands & activities.  

So, if you see that I haven't posted much on the blog, it could be because I'm playing taxi-cab driver more than I'm finding time to to blog.

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  1. You do sound really busy! I can see why it is tough to believe that it is Spring. Here in the South, we have the opposite problem. It seems that summer will never end.

  2. Oh Traci, I will take summer any day over winter!!!! ;-) Thanks for commenting! I truly appreciate it!


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