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I just watched the final episode of the television show:
(Read about the show here if you're unfamiliar with the show.)

I must admit that I actually thought last season was the end, 
but was pleasantly surprised to learn that there would be a sixth and final season.  My husband hasn't been a follower of the show, (although he's seen plenty of episodes) and this last season his comment was, "Wow, this show has really jumped the shark!"
Yes, I must agree that much of the storylines have been far-fetched.
It's been difficult to see many of these characters change, move on and the Glee Club change faces so often since the originals graduated and moved on.

But by far, the hardest hit to this show was the death of Cory Monteith who played McKinley High School quarterback, Finn Hudson.  Cory and Lea Michele (who played Rachel Berry) were dating in real life since 2011 and were still a couple at the time of his death on July 13, 2013.  The show lost a very important player in my opinion and I'm not sure it ever fully bounced back after this.

Here is that first performance
 that had so many hooked on Glee:

This is the song Lea wrote about losing Cory
 with a video montage put together by a fan:

If you haven't watched the final two hour episode yet,
 I'm not going to post any spoilers,  just like I try not to post spoilers when I do book reviews.

What I will say is that the first hour of this final episode is devoted to the original Glee members and all the loyal fans who stuck by these characters the past six years.  This final episode will remind you why you fell in love with the show, the characters, the talented actors, writers and musicians who brought this show alive.

The second half of the final episode will give you some closure on the main characters and what they move on to do in their lives within the next five years.

If you DO want spoilers on what this last episode entailed, 
please check out this article. Also check out this interview with Jenna Ushkowitz, who played Tina Cohen-Chang and what it was like taping the final episode.

Lastly, although this is goodbye for now,
 I know I will be seeing this show all over again because
 my twelve year old (whom was only five years old on May 19th, 2009 when the series first premiered!!!!) will absolutely LOVE it!  I haven't allowed her to watch Glee because of the adult content, but she loves to sing, is in her school chorus and will get the show's humor in a few more years.

I hope Glee will live on through re-runs and that upcoming generations take an interest in the show because between the quirkiness and stinging jokes, 
there were some great and honest messages.  

Farewell Glee.....
Don't Stop Believin'


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