Musical Monday #14 ~ Madison Tevlin

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Madison Tevlin 'All Of Me' cover YouTube Video.

A Facebook friend shared this video on her timeline and I just knew I had to share this for Musical Monday.  It had me in tears because I grew up across the street from a girl that had Downs Syndrome and it brought back memories.  She was a few years older than me, but was child-like and less mature, so we were a good fit for one another.  I remember friends in my neighborhood not understanding 'why' my Mom would let me go play with her.  There was only one other girl in our neighborhood that was allowed to go over to her house to play.  My friend was difficult to understand, but we both enjoyed one another's company.  I remember one time she locked me in a closet, walked into another room and was laughing about it.  Her Mom realized I wasn't with her and got me out, but she pretended she didn't do it.  She thought this was the funniest thing.  At the time, I did not.  I was probably only in there for a minute or two.
She went to a special school (this was back in the 70's/80's) and I remember for Christmas the year I was in 5th grade, her parents had Santa come to her house on Christmas Eve in a sleigh.  I remember looking out my bedroom window feeling this was the most magical thing I had ever seen and needless to say, I believed in Santa a year or two more because of that.

Madison Tevlin, you are an inspiration.  I love that you're doing what you want to do regardless of your obstacles.  My 12 year old daughter Em loves to sing to her favorite songs and I can't imagine if she physically wouldn't be able to.  Continue following your dreams and thank you for sharing your voice with us!

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