Thursday Tantrums: Bunched Socks & Photo Proofs?!?!?!

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Tantrum #1

Bunched up socks!

When you take your socks off and put them in the hamper, do you bunch them up in a ball and throw 'em in the hamper?  I do not, but the rest of my family does.  The worst culprit is my husband.  I have told him about this countless times throughout our 17 years of living together.  Maybe if he EVER did the laundry he would understand the 'why' behind the anger I have for bunched up socks!

  (In case you've never done laundry and do not understand the 'big deal' behind this pet peeve of mine, it's because 1. the sock can't be properly cleaned in the washer all bunched up like that and 2. it will take forever for a bunched up sock to dry in the dryer.   And no, it will not un-bunch itself in the washer or dryer!)

Tantrum #2

Bad School Photo Proofs

School picture proofs so small and with bad pixelation  (is that a word?) that you can barely make out your child's expression on their face.  If you want me to purchase 'Spring photos' through your company, at least create a proof that I can look at online that is clear which will possibly make me WANT to buy a photo package of my children.  Geez!  

Last year was the first year the girls elementary school started this 'Spring Photo' thing.
The company that takes the school pictures in the Fall also supplies all the children in the school with a day planner that they use to write down their school assignments for the year.  This is 'free' of charge.  In exchange for these planners, the company comes back in the Spring to take photos of the students wearing more 'hip' clothes and with background props.  A less traditional school photo.  I scanned these from the order sheet because that is all I have to go on.  For Em I am ordering A & D.  For Kaye defintely, but not sure on the others.  You see, Kaye has beautiful dimples, as do I.  In these photos she is not giving her 'normal' smile.  It is so forced and fake, but yet I am purchasing 2 poses of her sister and feel guilty if I don't purchase 2 poses from hers as well.  

Tantrum #3

Messy Bedrooms 

 My daughters bedrooms to be exact.  When they clean up their rooms they just put things that don't belong together away so that it's not on their floor or in sight.  In the process they ruin books (pages bent/torn in sticker books and craft books), storage containers get ripped and ruined (as is the case with a netted laundry hamper thay was being used to store baby dolls, but Kaye put her baby diaper bag in there and it bulged so much that it tore) and then they can't 'find' things because they don't put things where they belong and get upset when they can't 'find' them.  

Tantrum #4

Too Much Stuff

Do you ever hear yourself saying that they have 'too much stuff that they don't play with'?  Then when I try to get rid of it all of a sudden they have an interest in playing with it again.
About a month ago Kaye was nagging me to get all of the Fisher Price Little People sets down form the attic.  About 6-8 months earlier I had packed up all the Little People and the sets really nicely in the attic.  I am saving them for one day when I hopefully have grandchildren.  (Do not laugh at me, my kids actually play with toys my Mom saved from my and my sisters childhoods and my kids love them.)  So I finally caved and got down the big box with all of the nicely wrapped items.  Kaye played with them for 2 days and Em actually played with them 1 day.  Now they sit in my living room in the save Rubbermaid bin they had been in for a year or two without either of them touching it.  I want to pack it all away again, but want to see if either of them even attempt to play with the Little People again.  Maybe I'm too much of a pushover.   They have a lot of toys to play with and it seems they get in a mood where they play with something for a few days and then it seems like months until they even look at that particular toy again.  I always tell them that birthdays, Christmas and Easter there will probably be less and less toys from Santa/Easter Bunny because they don't play with half of the things they already have.  I also remind them of less fortunate children and sometimes that is when they come forward with the toys they really don't want anymore.

I think I'm done with my rantings for today.  
I hope that whatever you're doing today that you can let off some steam and have a good tantrum!

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