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I know today is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but I have a lot to say,
so that doesn't quite work for today.  So I'll just call this 'WordFul Wednesday'.

Monday was quite the day.  Definitely a Monday to put behind me, that's for sure!  It began with an e-mail from a customer whose kitchen has been being remodeled within the past few weeks.  Honestly, it should've been completed by now since they began work on April 9th.  Her e-mail stated she was working from home and the installers still hadn't shown up to work.  This was at 9:30 am.  Last week we had an issue with the installer not showing as well.  I phoned my boss, who was in an interview with a possible new installer, and he was not happy to say the least.  He asked me to phone the installer, whom he had been trying to contact all morning with no luck.  I also could not reach him and just left a voice message.  My boss called me back after the interview to tell me that he's going to have to fire that installer; no surprise to me.  He also said his day was being re-routed because he had an emergency dental appointment in about an hour since he'd been up in pain since 3am.  I reeived another e-mail from the customer saying they wanted a new installer on their job and they were unhappy the job was taking this long.  I spoke with my boss later in the day and he told me he spoke with the customer and that the man he was in the interview with would be finishing the job starting Tuesday.  Okee-Dokey!

I pick up the kids from school and Em starts telling me about the spelling bee they had.  She was upset because she didn't make it and the word that stumped her was 'quiet' (which she knows how to spell.) She said she was nervous because everyone was staring at her, cheering her on, telling her she was going to do great, and then she slipped up on that word.  Later when the class was going out for recess, the girl who did win the bee came up to Em and said something along the lines of 'too bad you didn't win it.'  Em said 'I don't really like spelling anyway.'  (She does, but she was mad at herself and trying not to get upset.)  The girl said something else to her and then gave her a 'whatever'.  This girl a perfectionist and very in your face about it.  Em started crying in the recounting the whole story.  I felt so bad for her.  Then, we get home, she has her after school snack and then it's time to do homework.  'Lo and behold she forgot her homework folder at school.  She starts getting down on herself about how stupid she is and begins crying again.  I have her call two of her friends to get the spelling words for her alphabetical order assignment.  She has two homework passes, so she used one on the worksheet she didn't have.  After dinner she seems to be over her awful day and back to her good 'ol self. 

Fast forward after bathtime.  Kaye tells me her tooth has been bothering her all day in school.  Her right front tooth has the adult tooth in behind the baby tooth.  I've been wondering for some time when that baby tooth would start to get loose.  She hasn't lost any teeth yet.  So we go into the bathroom and I jiggle it a bit.  It doesn't seem overly loose.  I give her a piece of dental floss and show her how to jiggle the tooth around.  She's doing it for a bit and says it really hurts.  I tell her it is probably because the adult tooth is pushing against the baby tooth.  Fast forward 5 minutes later, Kaye comes towards me as I'm sitting on the love seat with my laptop (how appropriate) and says 'Mommy, it came out!  I lost my tooth!'  So we open up the tissue and the tooth is not there.  She must've flung it somewhere in the living room.  So we begin hunting for it.  For about ten minutes.  No luck.  She is upset and crying, saying the tooth fairy won't come because she lost the tooth.  She is beside herself.  I feel so bad for her.    I tell her that she can write the tooth fairy a note explaining what happened and she will probably still leave her money.  "Do you think so Mommy?" is her reply.  I tell her of course.  She is feeling a bit more optimistic about this now. 

That was my Monday.

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