Happy Easter!

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I hope my readers that celebrate Easter had a wonderful day with family and friends.
Em woke me up at 7:40am and asked if she could go through her Easter basket.  I told her "sure", as I groggily woke up.  (This kid hasn't slept past 8am since she's had off from school last Thursday!  Funny, because I cannot pry her out of bed until around 8:15am on a school day!)  So Em proceeded to Kaye's room to wake her up.  I, of course, could not gall back to sleep.  So I watched them oogle over their Easter baskets for a bit and then I decided to fire up my laptop (which was returned to me all fixed yesterday----a registry error was the culprit and my hubby's co-worker backed all my files up, so I didn't lose anything but a lot of settings/programs I had installed.)  Then we had breakfast and started to get dressed for church, which started at 11am.  After church we headed back home for a bit then it was off to my parents house for dinner at 1pm.
The girls had a great time playing with their cousins and I enjoyed talking with my sisters, who I barely get to see.  We got home around 4:50pm and had a light dinner.  The kids were whooped!  Kaye fell asleep watching TV around 8:30pm and Em came to me at 9:30pm telling me she was ready for bed!  I'm tired, but I think I will do some reading before I turn in tonight. 
Hopefully, I will be back to blog tomorrow and have more of my laptop back to the way it was!

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