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So, what did you all think about that? I've been wanting to try this 'virtual me' out since I found this site, Voki last week! I made the avatar last week and tried out the text to speech option using Kate from the US's voice, but it sounded like a robot droning on. I do not have a microphone built into my laptop, which is about three years old, so I used my nine year old daughter's laptop that she got for her birthday in December and transferred the sound file over to my laptop to upload. It sounds super simple, but I spent all morning trying to hook up an old computer microphone that my husband has on his desktop and it was all garbled when I tried to record. I gave up on that and then went in search of a headset that came with my very first desktop computer back in 1998 (Yikes!). This headset was for a program called ViaVoice and I never even used it. Of course now that I have a use for it, I cannot find it! I spent a good chunk of time searching for this thing with no luck. So, although I accomplished what I set out to do, it took WAY too long! Tuesdays are my no kids day (usually). My Mom watches my 5 year old for me, my 9 year old is in school, and I usually use this day to do shopping, catch up on a few TV shows on Tivo, do some cleaning around the house, or like today, spend 2 hours trying to get my voice recorded so my talking avatar will work on my blog! So, with all that said, I hope you enjoyed the 'Virtual Me'. She will return, I just don't know when. I think I may have to buy myself a headset so I can continue providing you little messages every time I post. For now, I must go start my chores for the day. I've spent enough wasteful time for one day!

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