Bingo Night, Blood Work & Spring Forward!

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It has been a warm March day here in Eastern PA. However, the winds have given me a terrible headache....almost like a sinus headache. I feel so sleepy too, so I think tonight after I watch the American Idol results, I will read for a bit and then hopefully get some extra Zzzzzz's.

Tomorrow is going to be a Full Circle day. I have to run to the store for some necessities, I'd like to buy some new cafe curtains for the kitchen (long overdue), and in the evening Em's elementary school is having Bingo Night. Em, Kaye and I are going and they have refreshments there, so Jay will just have to have dinner at home by himself (he wasn't interested in going to Bingo Night). Saturday morning Em and I have to go to have her blood work drawn that her pediatrician recommended. She has to fast for 12 hours (cholesterol blood test) and is anxious about the whole thing. I made the appointment for 8:45am so that she'll be able to eat a snack before bed and then after that all she can have is water. I didn't have my first blood test until I had to get life insurance with my husband, so I was probably 30 years old (and I wasn't excited about the fact of them drawing blood in my own home!) Apparently giving children ages 9-11 is something new and it all has to do with the rising obesity rates in children. My youngest sister sent me this link: Should kid shave their cholesterol checked?.

I am not overly excited that my nine year old has to get a blood test, but at least it will give us peace of mind. I think the blood panel is checking for glucose (diabetes does run on both sides of our family), cholesterol, the thyroid, and I had the pediatrician add the nut panel because she has been allergic to nuts when she had the skin prick test done four years ago at our allergists office, but the blood test will give a definitive answer. So after the blood test is done I will be able to relax a bit this weekend. And lose an hour of sleep :-/ Yes, it's time to

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