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Whoah! I did not mean for so many days to lapse in between posts! We've been crazy busy around here. My daughter and her friend f-i-n-a-l-l-y finished their science project on Saturday afternoon. The science fair was this evening. Here is their project on butterflies:

They drew all the butterflies & diagrams, wrote fun facts & definitions on their display board and the girls split the writing of their 6 page report! So proud of them because most of the projects we saw there this evening did not have much of a report, if any, like the directions for the science fair stated!

Also over the past few days we've had two floor guys come and measure our kitchen/dining room for the flooring we decided on. Here is a photo of the flooring:
Now only if we could get our kitchen to resemble something as good as this.

We've had two appointments at our home this week with two cabinet makers. I think that brings the total number of contractors to like six and so far we have only one number back and that number is not working for us ($32,000). So we have to sit and wait for numbers to roll in. In the mean time we have to go pick out a new liner for our pool because in the coming months our above ground pool needs the liner replaced, roots from a nearby tree dug up, padding put in, liner installed and then my husband is going to custom fit a pool deck that he got from a neighbor last year. Too much going on.

So. What else have I been doing this week? Yesterday I got my hair cut (finally!). My hair is thick and when it gets to be one length I get really bad headaches. It feels much nicer now that it is shorter and layered. I've slowly been trying to 'spring clean'. It's a s-l-o-w process with having an 8 and 4 year old, but I feel I am doing okay. For now I am mainly focusing on clutter, things we do not need (got rid of 3 bags of stuff on Monday) and also trying to make more sensible storage solutions.

That is my week in a nutshell so far. I am hoping to blog more often, but this week has just been crazy. Stay with me new friends. I will be back!

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