Mixed Monday

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Good Day cyber friends. It's Monday morning, 11:30am and 30° F outside.

So far I've taken my 1st grader to school, washed 1 load of laundry, 2nd load in now and 1st load in the dryer. I worked out on the elliptical for 20 minutes and am now taking an 'internet break' while watching "The View". I just saw that stupid commercial Turn The Tub Around with Megan Mullally. Why did she agree to do this ad campaign? (other than money?) I'm just disappointed in her for doing the ads because she is a talented lady!

Trying to get all those 'little things' that are lying around and not being used that I was 'saving for something', out of the way. One example is the two left over diaper wipe containers that I know I'll be able to use, just not sure for what at the moment. In case you're wondering how you can reuse your diaper wipe containers, here is an awesome list: 50 Uses for Those Rectangular Baby Wipes Containers!

I'm also trying to minimize the number of bookmarks I have and put the ones I want to keep in some kind of order. I have a bad habit of just dragging things I want to look at later to the bookmarks bar I use for Foxmarks without tagging them or putting them in a proper folder. I think I will work on this little project for a set amount fo hours per week because the bookmarks are a jumbled mess.

I've got a headache right now and am waiting to get a shower, put the kids to bed and then maybe watch some TV with my husband. I need some good sleep tonight too...because last night I didn't sleep well enough to feel rested.

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