Book Review: Full House by Maeve Binchy

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Dee has a full time job as a cleaning lady and she comes home exhausted everyday to cook and clean while her three grown children do nothing.  They do not pay rent, they do not do their laundry, they just expect their mother to do it all.  

Dee's husband Liam loses his job and Dee becomes frustrated at her children's lack of involvement and slowly begins to make changes in their family's life.  Probably the most shocking thing to her children is that she will only be cooking for their father and herself.

It is quite amazing how much of a story Maeve Binchy packed into this little novella!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and can totally understand the tough love Dee had to show her children, especially because they are adults!  I'm sure there are many adult children out in the world today like this and it is very sad.  If there is one thing people should take away from this story it is to appreciate what your parents do (did) for you and contribute in any way you can.  Unfortunately many children in society today feel they are above menial chores and contributing to the family unit.  Some of this comes from how the parents are bringing up their children y not making them do chores and some of it is just the attitude of 'so and so doesn't have to do that, so why should I?"  

As a parent of two girls almost 13 and 9 years old, I am trying to prepare them for the real world. If you want  your children to be able to function on their own, teach them menial household chores.  Get them involved and expect them to contribute in your household.  They may not enjoy it, but I'm sure one day they will thank you for it!

Thank You Maeve Binchy for this great novella and thanks NetGalley for this advance copy! 

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