Book Review: A Taste Of Sauvignon by Heather Heyford

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I received this book in exchange for
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A Taste of Sauvignon by Heather Heyford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Taste Of Sauvignon is the third book in Heather Heyford's debut series, the Napa Wine Heiresses. This book follows the eldest sister,  Sauvignon 'Savvy' St Pierre.

Savvy decided at the age of thirteen that she would become a lawyer.  She's working for a small law firm in her hometown in Napa Valley and is being assigned her very first case.  On her way to her firm's weekly meeting she accidentally hits the neighboring farmer's chicken with her car when it runs out into the street.  She doesn't know much about the neighbors since she and her sisters were sent away to boarding schools on the East Coast when they were young and then they attended college thereafter.  The St. Pierre's cook Jeanne is friends with the neighbors since she's been buying vegetables from their farm stand for years.  Savvy knows that her father, famous vintner Xavier St. Pierre, does not see eye to eye with them, but she doesn't know why.  

Savvy meets the neighbors when Mrs. Morales and her son Esteban come out to her car to retrieve the chicken she hit.  Savvy is awestruck by Eteban the "agrilicious, king-sized man in faded jeans."  Mrs. Morales invites Savvy into the house for some tea and Esteban is perturbed that his mother is treating Savvy like the victim instead of the chicken.

Savvy finally goes off to her meeting and is assigned a case with a group called NTI who would like to acquire a piece of property in the Napa area.  The NTI group is making a million dollar offer for the land, but it isn't until Savvy sees the address of the land that she realizes she will be seeing Esteban again because it is the Morales' land the group wants to purchase.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am quite sad that I have to wait until Fall 2015 for the 4th installment of this series.

A Taste Of Sauvignon is available to Pre-Order now
 and will be available to purchase on April 14. 2015

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