It's FRIDAY & I'm HAPPY after a HORRIBLE week!!!!!!!

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and I couldn't be happier! 

Why is Elle so happy you may be wondering (or not)????

Well, this week has been a week from
 H-E-double-hockey-sticks to say the least!  
Last Saturday was going nicely with Em on a Girl Scout hiking field trip with her troop, Kaye playing outside with the neighbor boy and Jay and I doing some cleaning in the garage and outdoors.  Then Saturday night we FINALLY watched FROZEN!  
(Insert f-u-n-n-y video for parents here.....)

There was A LOT more singing than I anticipated and my husband turned to me and gave me an 'eye roll' at about 4 songs into the movie. 
 Yeah, he enjoyed it 
THAT much!!!!

Cut to Saturday night at say 2am.  I hear Em in the bathroom crying.  I get out of bed and see what is wrong and she tells me she threw up in her bed.
So I get her cleaned up and situated and then I do my vomit cleaning and laundry duties.  Kaye had this twice this season and this was Em's second bout with this nastiness.  For some reason the muck went through the waterproof mattress pad, so at 3am I'm online trying to get ideas of how to get the smell out of the mattress.  I found this forum:
Mommy Savers and went to work!  I sprayed and wiped that mattress with peroxide at least three times.  Then I sprinkled baking soda and let it set for about half an hour.  I brushed it up with the dustpan and brush and then sprinkled some more to set overnight as the air cleaner ran in her bedroom.  Em had to sleep out in the living room.  In the morning I was exhausted, but I got up and vacuumed up the baking soda, dried the dampness with the hairdryer and it DID NOT smell!  Thank You MommySavers forum!
I moved Em back into her room because I did not want anyone else getting sick.  Ahem.  I drank some water with a few teaspoons of ACV (apple cider vinegar) which I do a lot during the winter months and allergy season because it helps balance your PH levels and when your body is sick it is searching for that balance and also helps allergy sufferers.
I was bummed because my daughters and I were going to go shopping for a Spring outfit to wear for picture day and their Easter dresses. 
 Put that on hold!
Em stayed home from school Monday because she still hadn't really eaten anything, but as the day wore on she was better.

Flash forward to Monday night (really Tuesday at 3am.)  I have excruciating stomach pains and cannot get back to sleep.  I spend about 2.5 hours in the bathroom.  With the opposite problem of Em.  Yes, the Big D.  Uggggh.
The next morning I have to take the kids to school, so I take 2 plastic grocery bags in the car with me in case I throw up and I walk them across the parking lot and not all the way up to the school because I knew I just couldn't.  I come back home and get back in my pj's and get in bed.  Miserable day.  Prepare myself to pick them up from school and succeed.  Have aches and chills by the time evening comes.  Didn't much at all.  Day two and I am a slight bit better, but still not walking them up to school.  Take a shower and spend the day in the living room.  Eating soup and Gatorade because I am done with the ginger ale.  The aches, tiredness and nausea are finally subsiding.  Day three (yesterday) I walked the kids up to school, ate a bagel for breakfast and started in on ALL the housecleaning that has been piling up since Sunday.  
This is when it hits me how much I really do around the house.  
I've been a stay-at-home-mom since 2001 and sometimes I feel like I don't do enough.  But when I return from being ill (which by the way IS NOT often) I totally see how much I contribute to the family (unpaid as we all know.)

So on my return from my illness I did 3 loads of laundry, put laundry away from the weekend (as well as said 3 loads), changed bed sheets, ran the dishwasher, vacuumed, hung out the comforter to air out, started on Spring Cleaning lists and a non-food item shopping list.  I'm sure there are more things I did yesterday, but I was such a tornado around here I just kept going from one thing to the next.  It felt nice just to be moving around!

So here I am today, on a Friday morning taking the time to blog because it is a RAINY day and I do not want to be brought down after the week I have had.
I am looking forward to going shopping with Em and Kaye this weekend and have high hopes for finding outfits for school pictures, Easter dresses, sandals, and maybe even something for myself!

So whatever you are doing this last weekend of March 2014, be thankful that you are with family and/or friends and that you are healthy!!!!  
Whenever I am as sick as I just was, I always seem to enjoy my days just a little more than I normally would.

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