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Wow am I tired today.  Did some laundry, put a lot of laundry away, vacuumed, cleaned off my dresser, went to Goodwill and and bought Em some shorts, shirts and a Spring jacket.  Then we went over to WalMart and bought her some shorts and shirts.  Kaye was at a gymnastics birthday party while we did all this.  I tried on some shorts at Goodwill and was just plain disgusted.  Not with the shorts, but with myself for how much weight I've gained.  I gotta get my act together.  

The thing is I had a difficult enough time trying to fit in my fitness time before I started my new work-at-home job.  Now I need to figure out the when and how of it in between everything else I have to do.  In hindsight I should've lost all this weight by now, not gained it all back.  I'm the heaviest I've been in my life, except for when I was pregnant.  It always hits me most when I try clothes on in the store or try clothes on when switching clothes in and out for the season.  I'm miffed  that a lot of my Spring pants just don't fit.  Just angry with myself for quitting on me.

Last April I posted a blog entry about SparkPeople.  Please take a look back at it here because there is a lot of great information in that post about the SparkPeople site.   I need to get back into 'sparking' and challenge myself with a 10 minute a day workout plan.  Start small and work up to more time because I am so out of shape.  Finding new meal plans, recipes and snack ideas is also a priority.  Like everything else in my life I need to make the time.  Hopefully I will find the time, energy and willpower to move forward and get fit and healthy once and for all.  This has been the struggle of my life and I want to end the struggle.

I hope your weekend is less depressing than how mine has been going. 
 Enjoy the rest of it folks! 

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