The Harsh New Reality of Being a Blogger

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"The Facebook algorithm gives preference to images, then status updates, and way down the food chain is links to outside websites.  This is because they want people staying on their site, not leaving their site.  And you can't blame them for that because they’re a business who makes money with every click on their site, and they offer a free service to the general public. It is what it is."  
This is STILL the reason why I miss FB friends posts!   Because FB decides what I see by their algorithm! 
If you want to read more check out this link by Single Dad Laughing here:

I don't know how most bloggers keep up with all that is involve with blogging!  My little blog is just that, little.  Sometimes I feel like this is a personal way for me to get thoughts out and nothing more.  I would like to have a following and make this blog into something more, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.  I'm trying though.  At least this past year I actually posted, where as when I first started I would forget that I even started a blog.  If you are out there reading this post, thank you.  I hope to bring more content to my blog soon and maybe even do a blog make-over.  

Kudos to all the bloggers out there who are making a living by blogging and are successful at it.  It takes a lot of time, persistence and know how and I salute you! 

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