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Hi all!  It is a busy time of year around our house.  My husband and I just had our 14th wedding anniversary.  He bought me a dozen log-stemmed light pink roses.  They were beautiful, but now they are all droopy and headed for the trash.  We haven't had the time to go out to dinner, but hopefully soon.

I am in the midst of helping plan Kaye's Kindergarten Halloween party and her 6th birthday party.  I borrowed this book from the public library "A Halloween Cookbook' by Sarah L. Schuette , because it had an interesting recipe for 'Jack-o'-Lantern Juice  (found at the link above.)  I'm not sure how much kids would/would not like it, but I'd like to try it!  When I got to the back of the book their was this link to a site called FactHound.  ("Facthound offers a safe, fun way to find internet sites related to this book.  All of the sites on FactHound have been researched by our staff.)  Then it tells you to visit the site and type in this code: 9781429676199.  Once you type in the code you get about 3 matching websites and they recommend 4 other books.  Very cool for the kids in your life, so I thought I'd share this with you.

As for the parties, I am looking for non-messy crafts and any type of activity that will get out the kids energy.  This evening I am trying to gather my thoughts and then hopefully sometime this week I will get out to buy favors, order the cake for the party and hopefully find some gifts for my little one.  I'm not quite sure what I'm handing out for trick-or-treat yet, but I really don't want to by candy.  Maybe individually wrapped goldfish crackers, pretzels or popcorn.  So many things running through my mind right now and I'm just hoping it all comes together smoothly.

This evening Em is sleeping over her best friend's house and then tomorrow her friend & her Mom and Em and I are going to do some shopping at an outdoor mall.  The weather has finally turned fall-like (high today  was 54° F and tomorrow is supposed to be around 60° F.)  Anyhow, time to get moving on things.  Hope once all this comes together I will have more time to blog!

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