Book Review: Summer Secrets by Barbara Freethy

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Summer SecretsSummer Secrets by Barbara Freethy
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In the Pacific Northwest, on a large island off the coast of Washington state, lived the McKenna family.  Three daughters,
Kate, Ashley and Caroline.  Eight years earlier they had sailed with their father, Duncan McKenna, in the Winston Around-The-World-Challenge and won the race.  Now, eight years later, each girl was still struggling with the secrets that took place during the race.  They were unhealthily hiding secrets that were tearing each of them apart inside.  A reporter by the name of Tyler Jamison shows up and wants to do a story on the race the girls won years ago.  At least that what he tells them.  He has alterior motives in finding out about each of these women.  As the women struggle with continuing to keep their secrets, their father's nemesis returns to town with the same boat the McKenna's  won the challenge with.  K.C., the nemesis, challenges Duncan to race in the Castleton Invitational Sailboat Races and he wants his girls along with him so they can win back their sailboat.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book and it definitely keeps you interested.

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