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So I've been a bit busy lately.  Friday, March 16th on the way home from picking up Em at school, my van's serpentine belt decided to SNAP!  I was a block away from the school, called my husband and he got out of work early to come check it out.  I drove home with my girls while he tried to pull part of the belt out.  There was enough belt left for him to make it home.  He made an appointment for my van Saturday morning and had a co-worker follow him to the mechanic' van barely made it there. 

Saturday was spent spring cleaning the sheds in our backyard (one stores the kids stuff, the other is for lawn and gardening items).  Lots of back bending work and moving things.  I. was. beat.  We picked the van up  late Saturday afternoon and the bill came to $627.00 (and that was with a coupon!).  The belt was replaced along with all the hoses to the power steering, which meant they had to drain the system.  My husband had been meaning to make an appointment for the hoses and power steering and a filter (plus he had purchased all those parts already), so he had them do that work as well.  Next month the van goes in for inspection so I hope after that there won;t be any more issues with it.

I spent Sunday trying to get a game to work on Em's laptop and cleaning my desk area in our basement.  What. a. mess. 

The weather has been extremely nice here and we are taking advantage of it by spending time outdoors after school each day.  However, I had to get food shopping in today and began buying items for Easter baskets.  Glad to have that started because I know it will creep up on me.
I haven't had a lot of time online lately and I am missing it a bit.  Hopefully I can get back into a groove where I will have more time for some 'meaningful' posts around here.

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