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Today is 'closing time' for my husband and I. We decided back in November to refinance our home for the 3rd and final time. This time we are refinancing so we can remodel our kitchen, add a sun room onto the back of our home, possibly buy new dining furniture and a bedroom set for ourselves. And we'll only be paying about $20 more a month on our mortgage. So I guess in the coming months we will be quite busy browsing around for the kind of flooring, cabinetry and layout we want for our redesigned kitchen. I will share photos of decisions we have to make (color choices etc.) in hopes of getting feedback from others.

In other news, I did get my butt on the elliptical on Sunday and it felt good! Not sure I will get in a workout today because I am working on all the paperwork lying around my desk and doing bills and such. I am in search of a different layout for my blog, so be patient with me while I look around for some themes that fit my personality a bit better than the current one.

Right now we're bracing for a winter storm that is supposed to begin tonight. Not sure if Em will have a delay tomorrow of just be off. Stay tuned....

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