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Hello readers! I did not mean to go missing in action (MIA) from my brand new blog, but it happened. My oldest daughter's birthday, shopping, Christmas, decorating....you get the picture. What matters is I am back and hoping to add more posts as the year progresses. I'm not exactly sure what direction I am taking this blog, that is why I have left it open for many subjects. I thought of a lot of topics to post about over the past few months, but unfortunately I did not write my ideas down. Live and learn.

For now I will just chat a bit about things that I have been focusing on and goals I am going to try to reach for the new year.

Organizing My House
Now that 99.9% of the Christmas decorations are down and put away, it makes it much easier to focus on de-cluttering the house. And to change things around a bit since we spend a lot of time inside. This isn't the biggest challenge though. The monkey on my back is the laundry room/workout area and the back room where 'things' seem to just accumulate and there is no rhyme or reason where to find things once items start to pile up. My TBR (to-be-read) bookshelf is back there and needs to be re-organized, my husband's albums (he got some turntable thing that connects to his computer for Christmas so he can convert them), my scrapbooking supplies, his worktable to fix electronics & what not, my craft shelf of all kinds of crafts (kind of organized), and there are 2 wardrobes back there where we keep our clothes that are not in season (that is pretty organized too). I started on the laundry/workout area last week, but it's in limbo right now because I kind of get sick of the 'time it takes to decide what to get rid of, where to go with what' scenario. I did workout on my elliptical machine three times in the past week because I had been working at straightening up that room and felt guilty that I had not used the machine since April '09! So good things are coming from my efforts. I just need to continue so I can finish what I started.

Computer Organization
Files, bookmarks, programs I use, ones I don't, finding sites that can help me accomplish my organizing goals online and so on. I will get more in depth with this once I tell you some of the things I have found and am still in search of to help me with my online life.

Well, I gotta run! Happy 2010 Everyone!

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